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If you have enterprise accounts, please contact me!

   The first step: submit the application, the process of submitting the application, refer to this tutorial
Note: The mailbox for applying for an account must be a corporate email address (how to apply for a corporate email address can be asked)
Step 2: After submitting the application, Apple's first-instance staff will usually call the number on the webpage within 3 working days.
The staff may verify the following information: company name, the company's main business project, the company's number of employees (the employee must say the more the better, preferably 500 +) to verify whether the person answering the phone is working in the company, What is the reason for applying for the developer account, what functions are available on the APP, etc. Finally, the staff will give you multiple confirmations whether to apply for the APP's internal test account or the attached account. Be sure to explain why you do not need to be on the shelves.
If there is any problem after the information is verified, the other staff will send you an email, if there is no problem, there will be no email.

The third step: Wait for Apple's staff to review, waiting for this review time is sometimes very long, sometimes very short, long for more than a month, a few days, when the review will also ask the first-time staff to ask After the information is received, the review phone will receive an email (the internal team will conduct an additional review)). Then I entered a long wait, because there are many people applying for corporate accounts globally, so it is normal to review slowly, and wait patiently.

The fourth step: the audit is passed, according to the prompt connection payment 299 US dollars can be used (payment method can only be paid with a dual currency credit card (visa/mastercard)

If you have enterprise accounts, please contact me!

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